Web/Mobile App Design

Bishop specializes in commercial and residential cleaning services. I was contracted to design an app to help them manage their employees and the locations they service. The design included a web app for supervisors, a mobile app for employees to use while on location, and a mobile app for supervisors to monitor when away from the office.

Nielsen Screen

Employee Flow

One Button Simple

For the employee mobile app flow, simplicity and ease-of-use were at the top of the list for the design. The app needed to reduce employee training time not add to it. To accomplish this, a step by step ‘one button approach’ was taken. This reduced cognitive load, allowed employees to focus on the task at hand and provided a clear path through the process.

Bishop one button
Bishop employee flowmap

Employee Flow


To-do list, image uploads, comments, and a message board for each location allow employees to communicate with each other as well as with supervisors.

Nielsen UX Design

Supervisor Flow

Digital Management

The supervisor web app was driven by business needs. Here completeness, informational display, and speedy navigation were the design focus. The design was formed by working closely with supervisors to understand the tasks they perform.

Bishop supervisor dashboard
Bishop supervisor flowmap

Supervisor Flow

Material Dashboard

Material design inspired expandable cards were used to design a dashboard that allowed supervisors to have the necessary information available and also jump in and out of tasks quickly.

Bishop Popup

Bishop supervisor screens


Business Transformation

While the desktop and mobile applications have different flows, experiences, and goals, they work together to provide a system that aims to streamline the business, increase efficiency and reduce employee stress.

Bishop Result


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