Uplink is a messaging platform. This was a completely new product and my role was to design an entire experience from the ground up. Being part of the Lunar suite, it leverages design elements from Shuttle.

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Stand Out

The web app portion of Uplink exists to manage users, manage numbers, view messages, and monitor activity. With this being a brand new product and a relatively simple UI the approach tended more towards making the design stand out. This was important for demos and to gain attention for the product.

Shuttle Flowmap



Hover effects and an animated response to drag and drop operations serve to guide and reinforce user behavior.

Uplink Messages


User Expectation

Through the design process of the message viewer section of the application, it became clear users have well-defined expectations on how the behavior should be. An example of this is the scroll direction of the message window. Testing showed users preferred the scroll to be the reverse of normal page scroll. This direction is consistent with mobile messaging applications.

Uplink Messages



The message screen utilizes filters to narrow the list of conversations. Selecting from the conversation list will display the conversation in the right-hand panel.

Uplink Filters



A filterable activity graph allows a user to see utilization quickly for a given range of time and set of employees.

Uplink Messages


Stacked Area Graph

The stacked area graph is color coordinated with selected employees. This allows for both a comparative view between employees and also to see how each is contributing to the total.

Uplink Graph


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